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flavor Facts

While origin characteristics influence the look, taste and smell of coffee, roast degree impacts the final taste.

The accelerating heat during the roasting process caramelizes the bean, intensifying the flavor and aroma and ensuring rich and hearty goodness.

Light and medium roasted coffees are milder, and maintain much of their origin characteristics.

As coffee is roasted darker, its origin characteristics become muted, which increases the intensity of flavor.

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been innovating - and growing - since 1963. "Find your Flavor" isn't just words; it's a commitment to our customers and the foundation upon which we operate.

The source Matters
Sorce Matters
The Source Matters

We believe that buying from the best estates and small farms leads to the very best coffee. In our search for the finest coffees in the world, we use only the top 1% of the Arabica Beans found at altitudes up to 6,000 feet, which results in a more concentrated flavor.

Our People Believe

Many coffee companies claim to search the world for the finest coffees, yet very few do. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf I personally go to the source of our coffee and guarantee that it is the highest quality obtainable on earth.

The partners who prepare our coffee at every level are extremely passionate people and committed to providing "Simply the Best" coffee to our customers. Quality coffee has always been my No. 1 priority, and it will never be compromised.

-Jay Isais, Green Coffee Buyer

We have Great Taste
We Know Where Every Bean Comes From

Our high standards make our coffee uniquely and uniformly delicious no matter which location you visit, anywhere in the world. Our Master Roaster has employed state of the art techniques and expert instincts to preserve the beloved ritual of coffee drinking.

From the ship to shore, to the lab where our great taste is born, small batches of our fresh green coffee beans are roasted to perfection and analyzed for fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity, body and finish. Only when quality is at its peak and our rigorous standards are met is it ready to be shared with you.

Seeking Quality Wherever It Grows

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we travel to small farms and private estates in East Africa, Latin America and the Pacific in search of the very best coffee the world has to offer. We buy only the finest beans where they live, from the most prestigious growers on earth.

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We take into account geography, climate and agriculture, while never forgetting time-honored tradition. The result is a perfect cup of coffee, every time.


Our reserve coffees represent two of the most exclusive and rare Arabica coffee regions on earth. With limited availability and unique regional conditions, these coffees are highly valued and extremely popular.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from the Mavis Bank Estate has become recognized for its clean, mild, qualities and good body. The Mavis Bank Estate uses only spring water to sort the green beans, which are then allowed to age for three to four months at 3,000 feet. When the coffee beans develop a greenish blue color, we know it's ready to ship to our roaster.


100% Kona is grown in rich volcanic soil found on top of a single estate along Hawaii's famed Kona Coast, making it one of the highest grown coffees on the island. Each lot of Kona coffee must be graded and registered by the State of Hawaii, and we guarantee that ours is 100% pure.


Smooth-bodied with a nutty aroma and sweet finish.

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Light & Subtle Coffees

Our popular lighter coffees are characterized by their mild and delicate flavor, and are complemented by a light or medium roast. Both mellow and satisfying, these coffees are sure to please every palate.

Brazil Cerrado

Brazil Cerrado is Specialty Grade coffee from the interior Cerrado region of Brazil, the world's largest coffee producing country.


Soft-bodied with earthy flavor and subtle walnut notes.

House Blend

House Blend is a combination of natural and washed Central and South American coffees. This longtime customer favorite combines brightness and softness for a flavor and aroma that makes every cup a cozy one.


A subtle fruity aroma and buttery finish.

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Light & Distinctive Coffees

This fragrant single origin coffee is delicately roasted to a lighter profile to highlight the distinct characteristics in the aroma, taste, and finish.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe grows on a farm tucked away near the town of Yirgacheffe in the Sidamo region in South Eastern Ethiopia. A sacred place to coffee lovers, Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.


Floral and smooth-bodied, with sweet, bright flavor and pronounced lemon notes.

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Medium & Smooth Coffees

These smooth-bodied, deliciously aromatic coffees are a treasure to sip due to their perfectly balanced flavor. Each distinctive blend is roasted to perfection to make every rich cup a deeply satisfying experience.

Colombia Nariño

Colombia Nariño is carefully cultivated in the southern state of Nariño, the premier growing region of Colombia, and hand-picked from privately owned family farms that take great pride in their production, preparation and grading of each coffee.


A medium-bodied, with a fragrant aroma and bright crisp flavor - and it's only available right here.

Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling is cultivated at an ideal altitude in the finest growing region in northern Sumatra: the Indonesian archipelago. The name Mandheling is a tribute to the original inhabitants of the area where the coffee grows.


A deep aroma, thick body and sweet malty flavor.

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate comes from the renowned Sigri Estate located in one of the most wild locations on earth, and merits an esteemed Plantation A Grade, which is the highest quality available.


Full, rich body of this roast, and the hints of spice that sneak up at the finish.

Kenya AA

Kenya AA is grown at the most optimal elevations on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, and carefully selected from only the finest auction lots.


Tangy aroma, hearty body, and gutsy wine-like acidity and citrus flavor.

Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua comes from the famous mountain growing region surrounding the colonial city of Antigua, in the ninth-largest coffee producing country in the world. Genuine Antigua coffee is very exclusive and prized by true coffee connoisseurs.


A bright bouquet with lively acidity and sparkling finish.

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu means "small gold mine," and after one taste you’re sure to agree. One of the premier coffees of the world, it is grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet on the Hacienda La Minita coffee plantation.


Smooth & full-bodied for an elegant, complex flavor and a clean finish.

Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu

Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu is a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf exclusive, and comprised of coffee cooperatively produced from quality, high altitude family farms in the Tarrazu region to create a taste that is both unique and oh-so-satisfying.


A medium-bodied, with a fragrant aroma and bright crisp flavor - and it's only available right here.

Mocha Java Blend

Mocha Java Blend is our delightful custom blend that combines the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Java Estate coffees.


A floral aroma, bright flavor and just a hint of citrus.

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Dark & Distinctive Coffees

Our medium-dark to dark roast coffees are full-flavored, with a bold taste and rich aroma. Aromatically complex, each coffee has a distinctive flavor that is still well balanced.

Bali Blue Moon

Bali Blue Moon is a medium-bodied coffee from the Kintamani Highlands of Northern Bali, and undergoes a meticulous picking and sorting process to ensure that only the ripest, red beans (where the densest flavors are focused) are used. The coffee cherries are cultivated under alternating rows of orange and tangerine trees to protect the beans and help lock in their unique flavor.


A toffee aroma mingled with walnut and semi-sweet chocolate flavors, and a crisp black cherry finish.

Viennese Blend

Viennese Blend brings a selection of complementary coffees together at the medium-dark roast level for surprisingly perfect balance and depth.


Medium-bodied blend that features rich aroma with full flavor and nuances of chocolate.

Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry is rare and highly coveted for its concentrated flavor. Peaberries occur when only one seed develops from a single coffee cherry, instead of the usual two. The result is a dense, more robust coffee.


Subtle jasmine aromas together with a rich, robust taste, bright hints of black currant and rich dark chocolate.

Sumatra Mandheling Dark

Sumatra Mandheling Dark coffee is taken further into the roasting spectrum by transforming the maltiness of the Sumatra into caramel, which adds more intensity to the aroma.


Dark, sweet, earthy flavor and a full-bodied smoky aroma.

French Roast

French Roast crafted in the famous European style tradition from a delightful Costa Rican coffee that is deeply roasted and sweetly toasted.


Dark and rich with a chocolaty finish.

Espresso Roast Blend

Espresso Roast Blend is a very special combination of four select origin coffees individually roasted to perfection and combined to create the jewel of our delicious hot and cold espresso drinks. Subtle enough to be enjoyed as a straight shot, yet assertive enough for a latte.


A velvety body, caramel-like aroma and earthy flavor is capped by a bittersweet finish.

Colombia Narino Dark

is uncommonly delicious and extremely popular thanks to roasting it a bit darker to mellow the brightness and add a touch of sweet smokiness to the aroma and flavor.


A smoky aroma paired with a creamy and smooth-bodied flavor for well-balanced finish all around.

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Flavored Coffees

Our delicious flavored coffees are crafted with pre-ground medium roast 100% Colombia coffee that we carefully hand flavor with natural and artificial flavorings to ensure a rich and inviting taste sensation.

Creme Brulee

Creamy aroma with caramel and buttery vanilla flavor.

French Vanilla

Smooth-bodied and sweet aroma with a buttery vanilla flavor


Full-bodied with an intense aroma and earthy nutty flavor

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Decaffeinated Coffees

Experience all of the dazzling flavor of your favorite select blends, without the caffeine. Relax into a mellow cup of one of the following roasts, without sacrificing quality, aroma or taste.

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  • GRIND only as much as you need for one cup or one pot of coffee.
  • CHOOSE the correct grind. Fine for espresso, medium for automatic drip, coarse for French Press.
  • MEASURE two level tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of cold filtered or bottled water.
  • STORE in an airtight container to protect the flavor and aroma and ensure rich, fresh tasting coffee. Do not freeze or refrigerate.