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  • $7.95    $4.95
    8-inch Whisk
    The Coffee Bean, 8-inch Whisk, Coffee Bean : Essentials : Accessories, 6860600043
  • $5.95
    Infuser T-Ball mesh w/charm
    The Coffee Bean, Infuser T-Ball mesh w/charm, infuser, Coffee Bean : Essentials : Accessories, 6850500018
  • $15.95    $7.98
    Uzu Ceramic Tea Set
    The Coffee Bean, Uzu Ceramic Tea Set, white, Coffee Bean : Essentials : Accessories, 6850500082
  • $35.00
    Bodum Blade Grinder
    The Coffee Bean, Bodum Blade Grinder, black, Coffee Bean : Subscription : View All, 6840400072
  • $120.00
    Bodum Burr Grinder
    The Coffee Bean, Bodum Burr Grinder, black, Coffee Bean : Coffee, 6840400073


There's more to great coffee and tea than sourcing the finest ingredients and flavors. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also sources the best coffee and tea accessories available, including coffee grinders, French presses, tea pots and tea infusers.