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Fresh Natural Grown Teas

Fresh Natural Grown Teas

From seed to cup, the perfect tea starts with sourcing the best teas directly from the growers.

  • $21.95
    Spring Tea Duo Gift Set
    The Coffee Bean, Spring Tea Duo Gift Set, Coffee Bean : Tea : Oolong, 2890900880
  • $10.79
    Spring Peach Oolong Tea
    The Coffee Bean, Spring Peach Oolong Tea, 20 tea bags, Coffee Bean : Tea : Oolong, 2858902501
  • $9.75
    Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea
    The Coffee Bean, Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea, 20 tea bags, Coffee Bean : Tea : Oolong, 2855212501

Oolong Tea

Distinguished by its balanced qualities of both delicacy and depth, oolong tea falls between green and black teas in its degree of oxidation. Its flavor is less grassy than that of green tea, but less bold than that of black. Many of the finest varieties of oolong grow in Taiwan and Thailand, where the climates produce leaves with a unique, natural sweetness. During processing, oolong leaves may be rolled into elongated curls, or condensed into small spheres.

White Tip Oolong Tea and Spring Peach Oolong Tea are just a couple of our well-known oolong tea varieties.