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5 Brewing Methods to Make Better Coffee at Home

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5 Brewing Methods to Make Better Coffee at Home


While nothing truly beats getting coffee from your favorite local coffee shop, sometimes you need to be able to make great-tasting coffee at home. But with so many different types of coffee brewing methods available, it can be confusing to know which one to use.


With this roundup of five popular coffee brewing methods, you’ll learn what each technique entails and—after giving one or more of them a try—find the best one for you and your coffee preference.  

1. Drip Coffee Method

Drip coffee brewing uses cold water (whenever possible, you’ll want to use filtered water) placed in a coffee machine reservoir and warms it up using heat and pressure. This pressure siphons the hot water through the machine, filtering it down through the grounds. Freshly brewed coffee is then passed through the filter (paper filter or an insert from the machine, depending on your device) into a carafe. Viola! Coffee is ready to pour and enjoy!


Benefits of this method: Using the drip coffee method at home is extremely convenient. You can set it before you go to bed to have your morning coffee start brewing when your alarm goes off. All you’ll need to do when you wake up is pour, fix and sip! Additionally, there are high-end automatic drip coffee makers with a variety of extra features, such as built-in coffee bean grinders and “keep warm” timer settings. 


2. French Press


French press is an immersion brew method, where coffee grounds are fully immersed in water and then strained with a metal filter to enable oils and undissolved coffee particles to pass into the cup. This method is welcomingly straightforward: a container with a plunger and filter screen presses hot water through ground coffee, resulting in a rich, earthy, full-bodied coffee. (Tip: The secret to a perfect cup of French press is using a medium grind coffee.)


Benefits of this method: The French Press method is one of the simplest brewing methods - all you need is a French Press Coffee Maker, coffee grounds, and hot water. No fancy equipment or complicated processes required. And, since the coffee beans only come in contact with the French Press and hot water (because a filter isn’t used), this method yields a stronger cup of coffee (in both stronger flavor and caffeine content.)


3. Siphon

Siphon coffee is brewed using a specialized device, sometimes called a vacuum coffee maker, a siphon bar, or a vac pot. This device brews coffee using two chambers where vacuums and vapor pressure work together to create a delicious cup of coffee.


Specifically, water gases are heated and cooled from a carafe chamber to an infusion chamber and back again until it results in a finely brewed, delicate cup of coffee.  


Benefits of this method: This is another method that’s simple to do at home, as no expertise or special training is required. You simply add coffee and water to your siphon coffee maker and flip a switch. Since the coffee’s aroma becomes trapped inside the chambers, a big advantage of this brewing method is that it results in a cleaner, more flavorful tasting coffee.


Learn more about the Siphon brewing method here.


4. Espresso Machine

While there are many different types of espresso machines available today, the essentials of how this brewing method works remain the same: pressurized water is pushed through a chamber/puck of finely ground coffee beans and then through a filter. The result is the infamous shot of espresso.


Note: The beans used for espresso are typically roasted for a more extended amount of time, creating a thick coffee with the beloved crema on top.


Benefits of this method: Espresso machines enable you to make the same quality cup of coffee you love without leaving your house - or getting out of your pajamas. If you also happen to love a variety of coffee beverages – such as Americanos, lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos – you’ll be able to enjoy them whenever you crave them right from the comfort of home.  

5. Moka Pot (Stovetop Espresso Brewing)


If you want the kick that comes with a shot of espresso to start your day but don’t want to purchase an espresso machine, the Moka pot may be the perfect option for you!


The Moka pot is a stovetop espresso maker that utilizes a three-chambered brew process. Water in the bottom chamber boils, creating steam that causes pressure and pushes water up through the coffee grounds. The coffee goes into the top chamber.​ This method makes a velvety smooth coffee in a refreshingly simple way.


Benefits of this method: Since this is a stovetop method, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to brew strong, delicious espresso at home. No electricity is required, just a stovetop flame. As an added bonus, this method enables you to brew multiple cups of coffee at once, making it ideal for entertaining.


Check out our guide on brewing Moka pot coffee.  


No matter which brew method you use, a critical factor in getting the perfectly brewed cup of coffee you desire is getting the brew ratio right. Read about the ideal coffee to water brew ratios for different brewing methods.