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Coffee gifts for moms, dads, grads

9 Gifts for Your Coffee-Loving Mom, Dad, or Grad

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9 Gifts for Your Coffee-Loving Mom, Dad, or Grad


As Spring and Summer come into full swing, so do many family celebrations. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or graduation, if you're still looking for a gift for your coffee-loving loved one, we've got you covered. From delicious coffee and easy-to-use coffee equipment to fun, coffee-related items, you'll find something special in our list of gifts for coffee lovers.


Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Below is a list of eight of the best coffee gifts guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face and make them feel loved - and understood.


1. Coffee (Of Course!)

Any coffee lover will welcome coffee with open arms any day. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you'll find a variety of delicious coffee roasts to choose from, including dark roasts, medium roasts and light roasts, as well as decaf.


You'll also find excellent flavored coffees, such as crème brulee, hazelnut, and vanilla hazelnut, in addition to organic and special reserve coffees.


2. Coffee Gives Me Superpowers Book 

This graphic-design centered book is a terrific combination of humor and great coffee information. So, if your coffee lover also happens to be a book lover? This is a must-give!  


3. Coffee Gift Subscription

One of the very best coffee gifts you can give a coffee lover is a coffee subscription. With a coffee gift subscription from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you'll get to choose a 3-month or a 6-month subscription and select from a variety of distinctive coffee types.


4. Cool Beans Coffee Ice Cube Tray

If your loved one is especially fond of cold brew, then they’ll love this unique ice cube tray. The tray features eight coffee-bean-shaped cubes that will add a bit of fun to any iced coffee drink and offers a creative way to elevate regular ice.


5. Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

The serious coffee lover in your life — you know, the one who insists on grinding beans at home and never buys ground coffee — would love to get this electric coffee grinder as a gift. With multiple grind control settings, it's perfect for whatever kind of coffee your partner prefers: fine grinding (for espresso machines), medium grinding (filter coffee), and coarse grinding (for French presses). This grinder is the real deal.


6. A Stylish Tumbler

For the on-the-go coffee drinker, a functional tumbler is a must. But not all tumblers are created equal. Our tumblers boast a modern design that your loved one will be proud to carry around. These Nexus tumblers fit 16 glorious ounces of cold or hot coffee and are available in mint frost and forest green.


7. Reusable Metal Straw with Case

If your special someone enjoys drinking coffee through a straw but wants an environmentally friendly option, this reusable stainless-steel straw will make a great gift. She'll love how convenient it is to take anywhere, thanks to the collapsible straw and cute case. And they’ll also enjoy knowing they're helping to reduce waste while sipping.


8. Personalized Coffee Scoop

This personalized, handcrafted, solid oak coffee scoop is a thoughtful gift that's sure to be adored and used daily! With a thoughtful, custom phrase, your loved one will be reminded of you everytime they make their coffee.



9. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Cards


Whether you're short on time or shopping for a picky person, gift cards are a great gift so they can get what they really want. Short on time? Our e-gift cards send instantly so the person can get a gift for themself right away. Or if you prefer to send them something tangible mail them a physical gift card.


Give your special person one (or more!) of these nine thoughtful coffee gifts, and enjoy a memorable celebration together!


In need of more coffee-related gift ideas? Check out our other gift guides for additional inspiration!