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Aeropress Brewing Guide- Understanding the Brew Method


Waiting for your drip coffee to brew takes time, and many of the fancier methods we cover at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® require specific techniques — what if your pour over method is a little off today? If only there were a fast, affordable, and simple method of making a great cup of coffee.

Spoiler alert: there is! About a decade ago Stanford lecturer Alan Adler became fed up with the inconveniences associated with his morning cup of coffee and invented the Aeropress, a plastic plunger device that retails for less than $30 and creates a clean, concentrated cup of coffee in one minute flat. Pretty impressive!


The Advantages of Aeropress


With an Aeropress, you’re basically grinding the coffee, pouring hot water, and pushing the plunger. Because of this simplicity, there are hundreds of Aeropress recipes based on the type of coffee you’d like, from espresso-style coffee to iced coffee. Once you understand the basics of Aeropress brewing check out this list of 66 recipes from Handground.

Depending on the recipe you use you can craft a delectable cup of coffee in 60 seconds once your water is hot. 


What You’ll Need

Once you have an Aeropress here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Up to one ounce of coffee beans

  • Coffee grinder

  • Kettle

  • Filters (these typically come with the Aeropress)

  • A funnel to get the coffee grounds into the Aeropress

  • Stirring paddle


How Do You Grind Coffee for an Aeropress?


Coffee ground for an Aeropress will be on the finer side of the spectrum. The exact grind will be determined by the recipe you’re using, but extra-coarse grounds won’t be used in an Aeropress.

How Much Coffee Do You Put In an AeroPress Scoop?


Again, this will vary by recipe. The Aeropress recommends two scoops with the included Aeropress scoop but online recipes get very specific, from 15 to 25 grams of ground coffee.

How Long Do You Let Aeropress Brew?


Not long! While this varies by recipe, brew times are generally between 1 to 3 minutes depending on the flavor profile, acidity, and richness you’re aiming for. Aeropress: it’s quick.


Brewing Aeropress Coffee — Regular and Inverted


There are two basic methods of brewing Aeropress coffee — the “regular” method using the Aeropress the way Adler intended, or “inverted” brewing by assembling the Aeropress upside down. First, let’s cover the Regular brewing method:


  • Heat your water to the recommended temperature of your recipe. Using an electric kettle helps, as this is typically between 175 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Grind the amount of coffee beans recommended to the fineness indicated.

  • Place a paper filter inside the Aeropress and assemble the device on top of your coffee mug or cup. Drizzle some warm water inside to wet the paper filter.

  • Place a funnel on top of the Aeropress and pour in the coffee grounds. Remove the funnel.

  • Pour in hot water until it reaches the top line in the Aeropress.

  • Stir once, quickly, with your stirring paddle.

  • Insert the plunger and firmly press down until you hear a long hiss.

  • Congratulations, you have a fresh cup of coffee! Taste-test it and see if you need to dilute it with extra hot water.

Now for the Inverted brewing method:


  • As above, heat your water to the designated temperature and grind your coffee before brewing.

  • Assemble the Aeropress by inserting the plunger into the chamber. Flip the Aeropress upside down and do not put on the cap or filter.

  • Insert the funnel and pour the ground coffee into the chamber. Remove the funnel.

  • Pour in the hot water until the chamber is almost full.

  • Steep the coffee for the time indicated in the recipe, likely around one minute.

  • Insert a paper filter into the cap and screw the cap tightly onto the chamber.

  • Flip the Aeropress over so the cap is down, placing it on top of your coffee mug or cup. Do this step quickly and carefully.

  • Plunge as described above and dilute your coffee with hot water if necessary. Enjoy!


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