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The Best Blended Iced Coffee Drinks Made with Real Espresso

The Best Blended Iced Coffee Drinks Made with Real Espresso

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The Best Blended Iced Coffee Drinks Made with Real Espresso


For many coffee lovers, the summer months mean it’s time to enjoy their favorite beverage in a refreshing format that’s perfectly suited for the season: a blended iced coffee drink. These drinks are a popular treat on many coffee shop menus during the summer months, as they provide a delicious way to beat the heat while getting your caffeine fix.


If you’ve been a loyal customer of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for a while, then it should come as no surprise that we love an excellent blended iced coffee - and we know many of you feel the same way. Discover how our much-loved version - our Ice Blended® Drink - originated and what makes it so unique below. Then, check out our round-up of the top frozen blended drinks on our menu.


What is a Blended Coffee Drink?

This fan-favorite drink was born in the mid-1980s in our Westwood location. Our Westwood store manager experimented with a blended iced coffee drink that soon became the beverage of choice for the other team members. Customers noticed our team members drinking this new beverage and began ordering it. It instantly became a hit, and the Ice Blended® Café Mocha was added to our menu!


Today we offer a variety of flavors of our frozen blended coffee drinks. Made with the perfect combination of fresh espresso coffee, crunchy yet soft pellet ice, milk, and–depending on which flavor you get–one of our signature powders, these beverages will bring a little bit of bliss to your day.


Popular Ice Blended® Drinks

All of our Ice Blended® drinks are made with fresh espresso–we never use instant espresso! This makes a huge difference in the overall quality and flavor of our beverages. With fresh espresso and premium flavors, we take pride in serving you a great beverage that doesn't use less than stellar-tasting instant coffee.


Choose one of The Original Ice Blended® drinks, available in the following delicious flavors:


Mocha Ice Blended® Drink

Yes, this is the frozen drink that started the craze! It’s made with our fresh espresso blend and Special Dutch™ chocolate powder, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream.


If you’re undecided on which flavor to try, why not go with the famous original?


Caramel Ice Blended® Drink

If you love caramel and you love coffee, then this sweet drink is for you. It’s made with fresh espresso, French Deluxe™ Vanilla, and buttery sweet caramel, then blended with our pellet ice and topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel. You’ll enjoy every sweet sip!


Vanilla Ice Blended® Drink

A classic version of our original blended coffee drink, this is made with our fresh espresso blend and French Deluxe™ Vanilla, then blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. Enjoy its delightfully light sweetness.


Midnight Mocha Cookies & Cream Ice Blended® Drink

Do you love both chocolate and cookies & cream ice cream? This drink has your name on it! Fresh espresso, our signature Special Dutch™ Chocolate, dark chocolate, and crunchy cookie pieces combine to create what may just be a tiny slice of heaven on earth.


Cookies & Cream Ice Blended® Drink

Love cookies & cream but not a huge mocha fan? Then you’ll love this combination of sweet, creamy vanilla, fresh espresso, and crunchy, chocolate cookie pieces.


Caffeine-Free Ice Blended® Drinks

If you have kids or know someone who doesn’t drink caffeinated beverages, we have an option they’ll enjoy–our Pure Ice Blended® Drinks. Turn any of our Ice Blended® drinks into a Pure Ice Blended® drink. Non-fat milk is blended with our signature flavors, ice and then topped with whipped cream, delivering a wonderfully refreshing and tasty non-caffeinated beverage. Try our Pure Cookies & Cream for a blended twist on an ice cream classic. Or go with our signature classic - a Pure Chocolate Ice Blended® drink. 


Satisfy your cravings and visit your local The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to try these delicious Ice Blended® drinks. The most challenging part will be deciding which one to treat yourself to first!