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Where Does Coffee Come From?

The Coffee Bean Team

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® we know where every single coffee bean comes from. Our Master Roaster utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and his natural instincts to source our 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans from premiere single-origin growing regions around the world.

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So where does your coffee come from? From farms that expertly employ traditional methods to enrich the flavor profile in our coffee by playing to the strengths of the climate and geography in their region. Here are a few of our favorite locales:



Our Kenya AA Coffee is grown along the base of Mt. Kenya. It is the largest bean currently grown in Kenya, and yields a fruity and light cup of coffee that’s still assertive and full of personality. Kenyan coffee farmers utilize a cooperative system of milling and marketing in order to keep their local industry fair for all. These particular beans are wash processed and graded after they are milled.



Our Sumatra Organic Coffee is farmed in the Aceh District of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Originating from farms located in the foothills surrounding Lake Tawar, this botanical variety of bean is the oldest grown in Indonesia. Most farmers and suppliers are women actively involved in their communities. These beans are wet-hulled, patio dried, and then triple sorted to remove all defects.



The India Monsooned Malabar coffee beans undergo a unique process while being transported to the Malabar coastal city of Mangalore during the rainy months: “monsooning,” during which the beans are spread out on patios to absorb the moisture of the monsoons where they swell and turn white. These family farms in Karnataka have been family-owned and passed from generation to generation for more than 100 years.



Our Peru Organic Coffee is grown under shade, pulped, and fermented using a traditional local method. The family farmers work in cooperation with PROASSA to build a sustainable agro-economic community that promotes social welfare. The climate in the mountain ranges of Peru give these coffee beans a floral aroma and a hint of almonds.


East Timor

The East Timor coffee industry employs nearly a quarter of the country, and because fertilizers and pesticides have never been introduced all of its coffee is internationally certified organic. This shade grown, whole bean coffee has an indelibly smooth and light flavor that has made it a reliably favorite since first being grown in the 1860s.


How Does The Coffee Bean® Choose Farms and Regions?

When seeking new origin suppliers we select farmers who engage in their local communities, and we gladly pay premiums for those beans so that social initiatives can be undertaken to improve the lives of everyone in that community. We love to give back — through our partnerships we have been able to offer free healthcare to farm communities and construct daycare centers and schools.


We work with suppliers who value collaborative relationships so we can encourage process innovation, consistency, and high quality in the coffee profiles that are unique to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. We’re so proud of our harvesting and sourcing process and ensure you receive quality in every cup, and every taste.

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The Coffee Bean® Regional Coffees

Sample our ever-rotating selection of regional coffees to support sustainable farming and single-origin coffee. Ethically sourcing the beans for coffee chains should be the norm, and we are proud to lead the charge for a greener, cleaner, and mutually beneficial future for coffee lovers everywhere.