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Fall Coffee Drinks to Try that Aren’t a Pumpkin Latte

Fall Coffee Drinks to Try that Aren’t a Pumpkin Latte

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Fall Coffee Drinks to Try that Aren’t a Pumpkin Latte

Fall is here, and we’re excited for the seasonal beverages and treats on our menu. Of course, pumpkin lattes and other pumpkin drinks are favorites during this time of year - but what about those of you who aren’t into pumpkin?


No need to fear! We have plenty of fall coffee drinks other than pumpkin ones that we think you’ll love. Check out our delicious non-pumpkin fall coffee flavors below and enjoy indulging in a cup of tasty comfort all season long.


Speculoos Cookie Butter Drinks 

Cookie Butter. Just the sound of it makes you want to try some. Well, lucky for you, you can. Check out our new, mouthwatering selection of fall lattes and Ice Blended® drinks with cookie butter:


Cookie Butter Latte

Rich espresso is swirled with milk and hints of spiced shortbread cookie notes, ginger, and warm spices. Yum!


Iced Cookie Butter Latte

The iced version of our Cookie Butter Latte, perfect for warmer fall days.


Cookie Butter Ice Blended® Drink

Our Ice Blended® Drinks are always popular, and this seasonal flavor is a perfect fall indulgence. The ingredients in our Cookie Butter Latte are blended with ice and then topped with whipped cream to create a delightfully refreshing fall Ice Blended® Drink!


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Cookie butter is a deliciously sweet spread made from ground-up spice cookies called speculoos - and it makes for a wonderful drink flavor. These three new Speculoos Cookie Butter beverages combine our premium espresso with spice and brown sugar cookie notes, creating fall coffee flavors you’ll love.



Dark Chocolate Chai Latte

If you love chocolate (who doesn’t?) and are looking for a fall tea beverage, then our Dark Chocolate Chai Latte is for you. This fall latte is made with rich, dark chocolate, creating a twist on the classic chai latte ideal for the season. Chai lover or not, you’re going to love this fall drink.


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With these fall drink offerings, you’ll have plenty of flavor options outside of pumpkin to enjoy throughout the season. So, if you’re not a fan of pumpkin - or simply want to try a different seasonal flavor – these alternatives are just as cozy and delicious. Stop into a CBTL near you to enjoy a satisfying non-pumpkin drink this fall!