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Is a Frappe Coffee?

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Is a Frappe Coffee?


Blended iced drinks, often referred to as Frappes, are a favorite beverage among coffee drinkers during the warmer months, but there’s often a lot of confusion around what actually goes into making one. Below, we look at the Frappe category and answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the drink. 


What is a Frappe?

A frappe is an iced beverage that has been shaken, blended, or beaten to produce a tasty, refreshing drink. It’s served cold, usually has whipped cream, and can also have other toppings.


Compared to a smoothie or regular iced coffee drink, a frappe is blended longer–until a substantial foam has been created and the ice has been well-blended.


Fun fact: In French, the word frappe means ‘iced.’ It originated in the mid 19th century. 


Do Frappes have coffee in them?

It depends on the frappe you order and where you order from. 


You’ll find many flavorful variations of the popular blended drink are made without coffee, and some coffee houses make their caffeinated versions with instant coffee powders.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, you’ll find our menu features both caffeinated and non-caffeinated ice blends. Those of us who can’t get enough coffee, as well as those who enjoy coffee now and then, are crazy about our Ice Blended® drinks. Our Pure Ice Blended® drinks are yummy, non-caffeinated versions that kids and those sensitive to caffeine love.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Ice Blended® Drinks

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Ice Blended® drinks (our version of the frappe) are made with a delicious mix of fresh espresso roast coffee, pebble ice, and—depending on which flavor you choose—one of our signature flavored powders.


Keep in mind that the quality of the coffee used can vary greatly depending on where you’re getting your frappe. This will significantly impact the flavor of your drink–and your overall enjoyment of the sipping experience.


While many coffee shops take a shortcut and use instant coffee in their blended beverages, at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we take the extra step to brew fresh espresso for all of our coffee-based Ice Blended® drinks.  


Currently, our most popular flavors include:


  • Mocha (our Original Ice Blended beverage that quickly gained a loyal following and prompted us to create ice 
  • blends in different flavors)
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Midnight Mocha Cookies & Cream
  • Cookies & Cream 


Producing the best quality beverages is one of our highest values at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, which is why we always use freshly brewed espresso in our beverages.


No matter which beverage you choose, it’s guaranteed to be delicious, refreshing, and made with care, attention, and only the best ingredients. You can rest assured you won’t be disappointed!


Visit your local The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to try a delicious Ice Blended® Drink made with real espresso.