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Get to Know Your Coffee Flavor by Country


Within all coffee regions, there is quite a mixture of varietals, climates, and growing methods. It’s frankly impossible to boil down the coffee profiles of each country to a few specific flavors and traits, but here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® we like to do the impossible every day.

Based on our personal relationships with local farmers in the dominant coffee regions here’s a primer on what to expect from coffee flavors by country:


  • Kenya - Kenyan coffees like our Kenyan AA Coffee are known for their complexity, brewing a vibrant cup of coffee often with a fruity aroma. These blends will be bold, contain high acidity, and often have notes of grapefruit and lemongrass.

  • Ethiopia - Coffees grown in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the drink, have a rich, distinct fruity flavor and floral aroma. Common notes include bergamot, jasmine, and blueberry. Choose coffees like our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee for a smooth and round cup of coffee.

  • Tanzania - When you order coffees like the Tanzania Peaberry Coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® expect a bright, fruity drink with wine-like acidity. You’ll taste fruit flavors like berries and currant with an often woody or chocolate finish.

  • Costa Rica - The sharp acidity and round body of Costa Rican coffees like our Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu Coffee make the flavors of chocolate, brown sugar, and apricot hard to miss, even if the typical cup of Costa Rican coffee is clean and mild.

  • Mexico - Light bodies and delicate flavors are hallmarks of options like our Mexico Organic Coffee. Chocolate flavors and an often nutty finish complement a smooth, crisp drinking experience to create a blend ideal for casual and serious coffee drinkers.

  • Guatemala - Guatemala Organic Coffee may also be from Central America but it’s a different beast entirely. Expect a rich texture and a full body with deep chocolate flavors, deep floral aromas, and a smoky, sometimes caramel finish.

  • Brazil - Brazilian coffees often display a flavorful juxtaposition of sweet, nutty flavor and swirls of bittersweet chocolate aftertaste. Choose our Brazil Cerrado Coffee for a terrific body, mellow acidity, and a creamy texture that make drinks from this coffee region irresistible.

  • Colombia - Bright acidity and medium body set the stage for coffee hailing from one of the most recognizable regions. Coffee profiles from our Colombia Nariño Coffee include a rich aroma, creamy consistency, and a blend of citrus, nuts, and tropical fruits.

  • Peru - Mellow fruit and herbal flavors are bolstered by hints of tree nuts and plum. Order Peru Organic Coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and enjoy the bold floral aroma before sipping down this crowd favorite with a crisp almond finish.

  • Papua New Guinea - Sweet and often tropical notes of fruit are common in coffees from Papua New Guinea. When you try a cup of our Papua New Guinea Sigri Coffee you’ll appreciate the clean, crisp flavor accented by a spicy body.

  • Sumatra - Coffees from Sumatra are characterized by bold, vibrant flavors, a full-body, and muted acidity. Choices from this country like our popular Sumatra Mandheling Coffee give off hints of dark chocolate and a flavor profile including roasted caramel.


While we are able to point out some unifying characteristics of the coffee profiles in common coffee-growing countries always remember that every cup of coffee takes on a unique flavor, body, aroma, and acidity. 


The only way to truly get to know the coffee from the major coffee regions is to sample plenty of coffee from farms in that country. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® we know where every bean comes from so you can foster knowledge of and love for coffee from all around the world.