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Lightened Beverages at CBTL


If you’re one of the many people pursuing a healthier lifestyle, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® can help you stay on track with your goals. Lightened is a new way to make your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® beverages lower in calories and sugar. 


Order Your Next Drink Lightened


Whether you’re sticking to your dieting goals or want a drink that’s slightly less sweet, our Lightened option makes it easy to reduce your beverage’s calories and sugar content. You can apply this custom change to:


  • Unflavored lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos
  • Powder-based drinks (excluding beverages with no-sugar-added powder)
  • Cold-brew teas


Not sure if your favorite drink can be Lightened? Just ask! Our friendly baristas at your nearest The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® are more than happy to answer your questions. Even if we can’t Lighten your beloved beverage, other solutions can suit your needs:


  • Half syrup
  • Half condensed milk
  • Extreme (double coffee, no milk)
  • No whipped cream, drizzle, or toppings


Four Featured Lightened Beverages


To kick things off, we’re featuring four of our best-selling beverages in a Lightened variety: Vanilla Latte, Iced Matcha Latte, Mocha Ice Blended® drink, and Mango Cold Brew Tea. 


Lightened Vanilla Latte


It’s our signature espresso, so we had to offer a Lightened option for all Vanilla Latte lovers out there! The Lightened Vanilla Latte is blended with a half scoop of French Deluxe™ Vanilla Powder and topped with rich, thick foam. It’s easy on the sugar and calories, but not on the taste.


Lightened Iced Matcha Latte


Our Iced Matcha Latte has been a bona fide hit with tea lovers ever since we introduced it. Now, you can enjoy its creamy goodness without the guilt. This lightly sweetened blend of ceremonial grade matcha and vanilla powder includes nonfat milk and less sugar to stay within your dietary needs.


Lightened Mocha Ice Blended® drink


The Lightened Mocha Ice Blended® drink is comprised of coffee extract, nonfat milk, and a half scoop of Special Dutch™ Chocolate Powder. When all the ingredients are blended with ice, it creates a delectable frozen treat any chocoholic would love. Best of all, as long as you order a small, it’s under 200 calories!


Lightened Mango Cold Brew Tea


This tropical drink boasts less syrup while maintaining the strong taste of a traditional Scottish Breakfast tea. With only 60 calories in a small Lightened Mango Cold Brew Tea, this is a great option for Guests looking for a lower calorie option.