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Verismo Compatible Pods: CBTL™ Capsules Are a Great Alternative

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Verismo® Compatible Pods: CBTL Capsules Are a Great Alternative

We like to imagine we’re your favorite coffee chain, but in breezy SoCal, we know there’s this other popular place you might pop into occasionally. Yes, we’re talking about Starbucks and its signature Seattle-style java. Specifically, if you brew your coffee at home, there’s a possibility you own a Verismo® System from Starbucks.

Verismo fans often look online for Verismo-compatible pods that can save them some money while still delivering refined taste and consistency. Are you on the hunt for Verismo espresso pods or coffee pods? Check out coffee and espresso capsules from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, one of the best-kept secrets in the community. Until now!

About Verismo® Systems 

Many coffee chains, including The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, have created their own single serve brewing machines that conveniently fit on the kitchen counter. Starbucks unveiled its brewing system, dubbed the Verismo® System, in 2012. Fans of Starbucks adore the systems themselves, but reordering pods for the brewing machine can get pricey right away if you enjoy multiple cups of coffee a day.

Verismo Compatible Pods from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 

When you’re not set on a Starbucks drink but want to use your Verismo system, why not venture out and try other brands of coffee and espresso capsules?

That’s precisely what life hack sharer and YouTube product reviewer Sean Cannell set out to do. He experimented with capsules from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and was blown away by the results. 

In his video review, Sean notes that “CBTL pods offer a great variety of flavors and styles for drip coffee and espresso.” He demonstrates how effectively our espresso capsules work inside a Verismo® system and singles out his favorite flavors: the Continental Espresso and the Italian Espresso.

CBTL Capsule Flavors 

Sean appreciates that capsules from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are wallet-friendly and that customers can make the most of further discounts. If you purchase 10 boxes of 10 pods, you can save 20% and take advantage of free shipping with the code CAPPOD10

Expect exceptional value and premium coffee and espresso quality when you try any of these capsule flavors.

  • CBTL Continental Espresso — Anticipate a smooth body, smoky aroma, and sweet, earthy flavor.
  • CBTL Italian Espresso — This espresso capsule contains a deep roasted flavor with an oak-like aroma and a chocolaty finish.
  • CBTL House Coffee — For coffee lovers, this capsule brings you a light body, subtle fruity aroma, and a buttery finish.
  • CBTL Colombia Coffee — Our Colombian coffee capsule features a creamy body, smoky aroma, and well-balanced flavor.

Our Single Serve Coffee Maker 

Our single serving brewer is manufactured by Caffitaly and engineered for quality and convenience. If you’re scouring the web looking for a new brewer for home use, the Lieto CBTL Single Serve Coffee, Tea and Espresso Maker is a top choice among beverage aficionados. Our brewer is the simple, mess-free way to enjoy the handcrafted taste of your favorites from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at home.

If you'd like to try some of our capsules for your Verismo home brewing machine, check out our compatible coffee and espresso capsules today.