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Flat White

What Is a Flat White Coffee?

The Coffee Bean Team

The flat white is a coffee connoisseur favorite that originated in Australia or New Zealand (we respectfully decline to enter that debate). If you’re ready to delve into a coffee-forward beverage that centers the drinking experience on the taste of the espresso order a flat white next time you stop by your local The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

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How Is a Flat White Made at The Coffee Bean®?

The base of our flat white is a double shot of espresso combined with lightly aerated milk to create a velvety smooth espresso beverage. The carefully balanced milk and espresso creates a flavorful beverage that packs a punch with a strong coffee flavor. You’ll be able to spot a professionally-poured flat white from the orange swirl created at the top from the blended milk and espresso.


How Is the Flat White at The Coffee Bean® Different From Others?

Great question! Short answer: it’s better. Long answer: Our specially selected choice of single-origin coffee beans, the exact roasting formula, the pressure used to extract our espresso and the ratio of microfoam to espresso all goes into what makes a The Coffee Bean® flat white different than others. We flavor our flat whites with one of our signature powders for a creamier, richer beverage. Choose between vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, mocha, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. You can also opt for a classic flat white that forgoes the powders altogether for a stripped-down espresso flavor that is still complex and authentic.

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Flat White Vs. Latte

There’s a common misconception that a flat white is simply a latte with less milk. While it’s true that a latte contains more froth and milk than a flat white, the technical difference is the method: the milk used in a flat white is microfoam, which has a velvety smooth texture. Our flat white also has more espresso than a latte, allowing the stronger coffee flavor to burst forth uninhibited.


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Flat White Vs. Cappuccino

A cappuccino has a thick layer of foam on top. A flat white is prepared in a precise manner to create microfoam and focus on the taste of the espresso.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you — flat whites are for dreamers and go-getters who aren’t afraid of bold and vibrant taste coupled with a concentrated kick of caffeine.


What to Expect When You Order a Flat White
When you choose a flat white at The Coffee Bean® near you you’re placing the coffee beans at the center of your morning pick-me-up. The velvety milk won’t overpower the taste, and our signature powders create unique twists on this timeless classic. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is the ultimate destination for casual drinkers and the coffee-obsessed alike who want quality coffee drinks without the high price tag.