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What is Single Origin Coffee?


The Basics of Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee. No doubt, you’ve seen this offering beautifully lettered on the chalk board at your local coffee shop. Or maybe you’ve seen it being touted on Instagram.


But, have you ever wondered what exactly single origin means? We’ve got you covered.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

The term “single origin” is a coffee category that gives focus to one distinct area or region where the coffee is grown.


Simply put, coffee that is labeled as single origin can be traced to a single farm, farmer, producer, crop or region in one country. The opposite of single origin coffee is blend coffee (which is wonderful in its own right!). The main difference when comparing single origin coffee vs blend coffee, is that blend coffees are made with coffee beans from multiple places.

So, while blends combine beans from different places to achieve a desired profile, a single origin coffee’s profile is always rooted to one specific place and is as unaltered as coffee can possibly be.

Availability of Single Origin Coffee vs Blend Coffee

To further distinguish between single origin coffees and blends, single origins are seasonal and have limited availability since they can’t be produced in extremely large quantities. Blends, on the other hand, are available year-round because they combine different types of beans and are more widely produced.

While their availability is limited, single origin coffees are featured when they are at their peak flavor, providing a truly unique and enjoyable tasting experience.

How Does Single Origin Coffee Taste?

Since single origin coffee beans are traceable to one location, they usually boast a distinct, quality flavor that’s based on the climate of the region they’re grown in, as well as the specific processing conditions of the producer.


Single origin coffee delivers an original flavor profile, while a blend combines the elements of various beans. Generally speaking, single origin coffees are usually bolder with a more robust and exotic taste. Coffee blends tend to be more balanced since the variety of beans complement one another.


Deeper Benefits of Sourcing and Drinking Single Origin Coffee

When we support producers of single origin coffee beans, we are providing them with a reliable income that enables them to not only support their families, but to reinvest in sustainable growing and processing practices.


As time goes on, we benefit from enjoying coffee made with increasingly higher quality beans, and the producers gain more financial security.


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