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pouring coffee from a french press into a holiday mug

Why You Should Add After-Dinner Coffee To Your Holiday Entertaining


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means people are hosting holiday dinners for family and friends. If you’re one of these hosts or hostesses, hot cocoa or cider may seem like the best warm beverages to drink after a big holiday meal. But perhaps you should consider serving coffee? Here are a few reasons why coffee makes the perfect after-dinner drink. 


Family Tradition


Whether you go last minute Christmas shopping or gaze houses draped in lights and decorations, the holidays are brimming with family traditions. So why not add a new one to your annual festivities? After a delectable meal, catch up with your relatives in front of an open fire while sipping our Holiday Blend coffee. You and your family are sure to love this dark roast boasting rich flavor, dark chocolate notes, and a hint of spice. 




From caramelized ham to delicious pies, food – and overindulgence – is an essential part of the holidays. Unless you have incredible will power, a food coma is inevitable after an enormous meal. All the potatoes, treats, and other carb-loaded foods you eat in large quantities cause a massive spike in blood sugar levels. This spike results in the body releasing serotonin and tryptophan amino acids, which are both associated with sleepiness. Caffeine is a great way to counteract this drowsiness. Make a pot of our Holiday Blend or Cookie Butter coffee and treat your guests to a jolt of energy.


Weight Loss


Diets and the holidays are like oil and water: they don’t go together. But if you’re allowing yourself a cheat day with a massive holiday dinner, coffee is an excellent way to cap off your meal. For one, coffee contains compounds that can boost metabolism. Caffeine can also act as an appetite suppressant. So, if you’re tempted to grab a slice of pie, a cup of joe can help curb those cravings. 




Constipation can be an issue after eating a huge holiday meal. If you deal with this problem, a post-dinner cup of coffee can act as an effective digestive aid. The caffeine in coffee can stimulate contractions in your colon and intestinal muscles, speeding up the digestion process. Coffee can also activate gastrin. This essential hormone releases gastric acid, which breaks down the proteins in the food you eat. 




Spiked eggnog tends to be the go-to holiday libation, but its dense creaminess can be an acquired taste. Instead, swap out the eggnog for some java. Irish coffee is a classic cocktail that makes the perfect finale for any meal. To give your drink a nutty touch, add our Hazelnut Powder and indulge in its decadent goodness. A hot White Russian is another coffee cocktail you can try. It’s a heated twist on the famous cocktail that’s sure to warm up your senses on those chilly winter nights. Of course, you want to make sure to offer caffeinated and decaf options for your guests.