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Your Quick Guide to Drinking Coffee on Keto

Your Quick Guide to Drinking Coffee on Keto


You’ve thought it over and decided it’s time to try the keto diet. You’ve done your research, developed a plan, and seen firsthand the amazing results your keto friends have had. The keto craze is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has helped plenty of people lose weight. While you have mentally said your goodbyes to donuts and sugar, there’s one thing you aren’t willing to give up — your daily cup (or three) of coffee.


What Is the Keto Diet?


A quick primer on the ketogenic diet: this low-carb diet requires you to slash your carb intake and replace it with foods that are high in fat. Specifically, no more than 1% of your daily diet can be carbohydrates, and only 20% can be protein. By eating foods high in fat, you force your body to burn fat and convert it into energy, a state called ketosis.


What Coffee Can You Drink on the Keto Diet?


Of course, adopting a diet that avoids sugar and carbs might mean your favorite flavored latte is out of the picture. But java addicts will be pleased to learn that coffee is 100% keto-friendly. Traditional hot or cold brew coffee has zero calories and carbs. The sugars only come into play when syrups and sweeteners are added.

While on the keto diet enjoy any of these staple coffee variations:


  • French Press

  • Cold Brew Coffee

  • Aeropress

  • Pour Over Coffee

  • Espresso


If you want to personalize your black coffee, several brands now sell specialized sweeteners that accommodate a keto diet. If you don’t want to order something online to add to your morning coffee, just pick up some Stevia from your local supermarket.


You can even order keto meal replacement shakes and combine them with your coffee for fuel and a burst of caffeine. There’s an entire industry dedicated to making your keto lifestyle as easy as possible, so embrace your new diet and keep enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage.  


Can I Add Cream or Sugar to Keto Coffee?


Sugar is strictly prohibited on a keto diet, so you aren’t going to be able to add it to your coffee. That’s why scrumptious treats like Ice-Blended® drinks aren’t a viable option while sticking to a keto diet. Feel free to add sweeteners that contain no sugar and no carbs.


However, you still have some options to add a dash of something sweet to your keto coffee. The fat-centric diet welcomes a hearty dollop of heavy cream. While trying the keto diet, stick to natural, high-fat foods to try to stay full for longer. If you are adhering to the Bulletproof diet, grass-fed butter is also a viable option for sweetening keto coffee.


Transform your health with the keto diet, or at least see what life is like when you don’t eat pasta five times a week. For your morning rush of coffee goodness, stop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® near you and order an iced coffee or our brew of the day