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6 Ways to Be More Sustainable


6 simple ways to be more sustainable


You’re snuggled up with your family on the couch, watching Hamilton for the third time. You’re grateful for these times of connection with your family. Since we're all spending more time home these days, it a great time to decide to be more sustainable so you can enjoy connecting with your grandkids, too.


Luckily, there are many lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your routine to have a lasting impact on the planet. Something as simple as not buying bottled water will reduce your environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same. As you craft your goals for the rest of the year, these sustainability practices will help you have a greener 2020 and beyond.


Get a Reusable Water Bottle


The act of switching to glass from plastic water bottles is one of the best changes you can make to benefit the environment. Only 23% of plastic water bottles are recycled, meaning 38 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. Invest in a durable bottle you can fill up with filtered water whenever you leave the house.

You can also buy a reusable coffee mug or thermos

Bring a Reusable Straw


Many businesses are phasing out plastic straws altogether. Plastic straw bans cause serious problems for disabled people with limited jaw control. Because of this, more companies enacted flexible policies that allow customers to request plastic straws. Do your part by bringing a reusable straw with you on-the-go in addition to your bottle or thermos. Several material options exist, including silicone and metal.


Bring Your Own Bags


Most curbside pickup services can’t recycle single-use plastic bags from the supermarket. A quick trip to load up on groceries can generate harmful, non-biodegradable waste that harms wildlife. Canvas totes and paper bags typically run under $1 apiece and last for a year or longer. Keep a handful of reusable bags in your car or near your front door to bring when you go shopping.


Shop Less


Commercialism is an inherent part of our way of life, which often results in financial strain and unnecessary items crowding our closets. Ask yourself — do you need three versions of the same sweater? The United States alone sends 21 billion pounds of textiles to landfills every year, which is more in weight than plastic bottles. To practice sustainability, purchase fewer clothes, and make the items you have last longer by taking care of them. If you prefer direction and specific steps, read this guide on creating a capsule wardrobe.


Shop Local


Buying produce, clothes, and household goods at local businesses reduces your “food miles.” Shopping at a chain supermarket often means your food traveled over 1,000 miles to reach your plate. Local businesses are more accessible for members of the community and typically sell fresher produce. Spending your money at a local store protects local land and wildlife because you are supporting local farmers and producers.


Read the Labels


Not all products are created the same. Some companies invest more energy and resources into making environmentally friendly products. For example, shade-grown coffee keeps forest habitats intact for birds and other vulnerable species. Arabica beans grow naturally in the shade, and many of our single-origin coffees are shade-grown to protect our precious planet.


Remember that the greatest gift of all is a thriving planet. Go green for a happier, healthier Earth where our kids and grandkids can live their best life. Stop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with your reusable thermos to try any of our sensational seasonal beverages.