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9 Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers (featuring a "thanks a latte" gift card image)

9 Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

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9 Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers


With kids and teachers heading back to the classroom, you may be thinking about getting back-to-school teacher gifts to surprise your children’s teachers.

To help you find the best gifts for teachers from students, we rounded up our favorite back-to-school gift ideas below. 

These back-to-school gifts are practical items your child’s teacher will be able to use in the classroom or at home.


1. Gift Card with a Personal Note

While gift cards may not seem personalized enough, teachers love receiving them, especially one from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. Fuel your child’s teacher with a The Coffee Bean® Gift Card that can be used immediately! You can purchase e-gift cards or physical gift cards and, if you’re giving to several teachers, you can also get gift cards in bulk. They’ll love being able to treat themselves to their favorite fall drinks.


2. Water Bottle

Teachers spend a good portion of their workday talking and being on their feet. And we all know how important it is for our overall health to stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day.


Help your child’s teacher remember to drink water while they’re at work by giving a quality, insulated bottle that will keep water cool (and fresh tasting) all day. Hydro Flasks are a popular choice because of their ability to keep water cold all day long.


3. Planner

Staying organized is integral to a teacher’s success (and sanity!). A daily or weekly planner (or one of each) can help your child’s teacher stay on top of lesson plans, meetings, and assignments throughout the day and week.


4. Gift Basket

Get a small basket at your local craft store and fill it with various objects teachers typically have on their desks and in their desk drawers. Think pencils, erasers, dry-erase markers, post-it notes, paper clips, tape, sanitizer, a bottle of hand cream, tissues, and similar items.


5. Coffee Supply 

If you know your teacher loves coffee, get them a couple of bags of their favorite type of coffee so they can keep one at home and one at school. This way, they can enjoy their first cup at home or on their commute and also be able to refuel during the day at work.


6. Tea Supply

Of course, not every teacher is a coffee lover. If your child’s teacher prefers tea, get a few tins of different varieties of tea to be enjoyed throughout the day, whether at home or school.  Our tins not only have the finest quality tea leaves but come in convenient pyramid shaped tea bags for optimal flavor extraction. 


7. Coffee or Tea Gift Subscription

No teacher should run out of their go-to favorite coffees and teas that fuel their day. A gift that’s sure to keep them well stocked is a coffee or tea gift subscription from The Coffee Bean. With our gift subscription service, you first select from one of our product collections. Then, you’ll choose a delivery frequency option of once a month for three months or six months. This is a gift that truly keeps on giving and will help your teacher stay well-stocked on their favorite beverage!


8. Tote Bag

Teachers always have a lot to bring to school each day, from lunch and snacks to graded papers and lesson plans. Why not give a tote bag that will help them easily transport these items back and forth every day – and in a fun and stylish way!


This Composition Notebook tote bag with an interior pocket has a classic design teachers will love. And this Teacher Crayons zippered tote bag features a zippered pouch and a loop for a pen. Both totes have plenty of room.  


9. Custom Notepads

Personalized stationery is always a good gift for teachers, as they need to be able to easily access paper on their desk at a moment’s notice. Whether jotting ideas down for later or writing notes to students or parents, teachers keep personalized note pads on their desks and use them daily.


Whether you give one of these back-to-school gifts or bundle a few of them together, your child’s teacher will be sure to appreciate such a thoughtful gift and warm welcome for the start of the new school year!