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DIY Coffee Bar Ideas


Sure, you look forward to stopping in at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in your part of town to chat with baristas and catch up on the news, sipping an Iced Latte or fresh espresso. However, while we're stuck at home, might as well create a similar scene in the comfort of your own home. What if you could gather your family or housemates around and enjoy a communal practice of making your own coffee?


With just a slice of counter space in your WeHo apartment or a kitchen island in your home, you can create a fully-functional and satisfying home brewing experience. If you’re struggling to think of ideas for family time, your DIY coffee bar is the perfect solution! After the madness of working from home while taking care of lunches, dinners, and homework, relax in your kitchen and savor a homemade coffee with those you love most.


Not sure what you need to make a coffee bar at home? We have the complete rundown to make it happen.


What to Include in Your DIY Coffee Bar


  • CBTL Single Serve Coffee, Tea and Espresso MakerWhat’s a DIY coffee bar without a coffee system? Enjoy all of your The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® favorites with a single press of a button that delivers perfection in every cup. Whether you're in the mood for espresso, or a brewed coffee, or a quick cup of tea, our Lieto Single Serve Machine has options for every craving. 

  • Chambord French PressThere are several affordable devices that can make a stunning cup of coffee in minutes, like our Lieto Single Serve machine. But java junkies should have multiple brewing methods mastered for a personalized mornin’ cup o’ joe. Store a French press in your coffee bar, as well as an Aeropress or your preferred brewing contraption. Brewing with a French Press is a great way to achieve that full body cup of coffee. Not familiar with this contraption? Watch our How-To Guide and become a pro in no time. 

  • Electric One-Touch Milk FrotherYou don’t want to shake a jar of milk for a full minute every time your guests need frothed milk for an espresso drink? Neither do we. That’s why your coffee bar should include an electronic, no-hassle frother. Spend less time struggling and more time living in the moment.

  • CoffeeFor better-tasting at-home java, start with the best coffee. We personally recommend whole beans over ground coffee, as whole beans pack more nuanced flavor in their essential oils. Check out our guide on keeping coffee fresh. 

  • Scale — All coffee varies in density based on origin and roast profile. Instead of measuring your coffee with teaspoons, buy a simple scale for precise measurements.

  • Coffee GrinderYour grounds should be fine, coarse, or somewhere in between based on what type of drink you’re making. That’s why ordering a coffee grinder for your coffee bar isn’t optional. French Press coffee demands coarse grounds, espresso machines need fine grounds, and certain methods like pour over coffee necessitate medium grind coffee.

  • Coffee CupsBuy a matching set of stylish coffee mugs, order recyclable disposable cups, or curate an eclectic cup variety to accommodate your favorite type of espresso drink. You'd be surprised how much joy can be had with having a set of mugs dedicated just for your coffee bar. 

  • Stirrers, Napkins, and Sweeteners — The rest of the items on your coffee bar may not take center stage, but don’t forget them. Basics like coffee stirrers (or cute spoons), creamer, powders and sugar are the finishing touches on a space where you can rejuvenate in solitude or share special moments with a loved one.


Coffee Bar Ideas — Design Inspirations


You know that familiar warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you walk into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® near your apartment? That isn’t an accident. We design all of our locations to make you feel at home. A DIY coffee bar should feel like part of your home, so take some cues from these coffee bar aesthetics and dress up the details.

  • Bookshelf Coffee Bar — Don’t throw out that old bookshelf! Refurbish it with a fresh set of paint and use it as your new coffee bar. Add canisters and wire baskets for additional storage and stain it for a rustic look.

  • Wall-Centric Coffee Bar — Living in a studio? Maximize space by keeping essentials like your coffee maker on the counter and storing other items on wall-mounted shelves. This setup allows you to showcase colorful tea tins and other decorative elements like chalkboard menus.

  • Copper and Wood Coffee Cart — You can build your own trendy and timeless three-tiered coffee cart in under two hours. Follow the instructions at Hey Wanderer for a coffee cart that you can stash in the closet after the holidays or triumphantly display in your dining area with a quick push.

  • Monochrome Coffee Bar — Plan on using mismatched counters, shelves, and end tables? Unify them into a cohesive coffee bar by painting everything the same color. A brilliant white does the trick, as does a charcoal grey or a vivid hue like teal. 


Gather Around Your Coffee Bar for the Season


Whether you’re in the mood for a darker, stronger roast or you want to switch up your selection with some soothing Oolong Tea, trust our online offerings for seasonal roasts and blends that can provide a unique infusion of flavor from the comfort of your kitchen.


A DIY coffee bar is more than just a practical addition to your living space — it’s an opportunity to create new rituals with those closest to you. Fill your home with the warmth and cheer of caffeinated goodness courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.