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Finding Joy and Happiness While Working Remotely

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Finding Joy and Happiness While Working Remotely

Working remotely isn’t an anomaly: many industries are shifting to partial or complete work-from-home arrangements. Multiple studies show that employees who work from home are 10 to 13% more productive, and moving the workforce to work-from-home status saves companies money and helps the environment.

While working from home has its perks, some telecommuters miss the sense of community and connection when they’re hard at work in their dining room or bedroom office. If you have a case of the remote worker doldrums, disrupt your routine and consciously seek some joy. Not sure how? Here are some starting points.

Savor Your Down Time

Working from home provides greater flexibility. Cutting out your daily commute provides the soil for you to plant seeds of joy and recovery during your day.

Sure, you should stick to a routine to learn the benefits of waking up at the same time and stepping away for lunch and breaks. However, that time you get back by commuting a total of ten feet empowers you to do something enjoyable during an extended break.

Maybe the weather today is gorgeous. Step out for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood to recharge and get your creative juices flowing. Only 40 pages away from finishing that memoir? Reward yourself after submitting a big project with a well-deserved reading break.

Make Connections

When you’re home alone, working doesn’t provide the social stimulation it might if you were working at the store or in the office. Is your people meter depleted? Text or email a few friends and family members to say hi or to set up a half-hour to video chat. Catch up with coworkers and close confidants during the day, so you aren’t alone with your thoughts from morning until night.

You may not be able to go out on the town after you power down your laptop, but with modern technology, there are dozens of ways you can connect with loved ones digitally.

Adopt a Best Friend

Have you always yearned for a furry best friend but hesitated because of the time commitment? When you work from home often, adopting a pup or a kitten won’t cramp your lifestyle. Training a canine or feline will provide structure to your day and force you to get up on time to fill Fido’s bowl and replace the kitty litter.

Plus, welcoming a rescue animal into your home fills your time with purpose, care, and love. Your new best friend will reward your hard work tenfold with kisses, cuddles, and purrs of affection. Search online to find an animal rescue organization in your neighborhood!

Switch Up the Menu

You have unrestricted access to your kitchen while working remotely. Use this to your advantage — try a different slow roast dinner recipe every night for a week. Research adventurous baked goods recipes and bake cookies during your lunch break.

Alter your menu regularly and perfect snacks, meals, and drinks you’ve always wanted to try. Build a coffee bar where you can brew your favorite coffee and tea from the comfort of your living room. Delight your taste buds as you carve a slice of happiness and joy out of each workday. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we know every good day starts with a drink made with care.

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