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holding our grateful holiday cup with the words "grateful for downtime" written on it

Why You Should Unplug This Holiday Season


You survived crowded airports, snowy tarmacs, and lengthy rideshares to arrive home for your holiday break. After a hearty meal cooked by Mom, you and your family take your favorite spots in the living room. You’re all settled in for an evening of catching up and flipping through classic Christmas movies on TV.

How quickly does the conversation lull as all of you disappear into social media feeds, email notifications, and endless scrolling? The holidays are a time for connection, but the lure of our screens can isolate us from each other, even when we’re sharing the couch.


Reasons to Unplug Over the Holidays


Unplugging this holiday season can reinvigorate your spirit, your health, and your relationships. Here’s what happens when you stay tethered to a screen during the holidays:


  • Being online constantly takes a toll on your health. The overuse of mobile devices is correlated with higher levels of stress, increased symptoms of depression, and difficulty sleeping. Muting your phone and taking a week for yourself can help relieve stress and set a foundation for healthier habits.

  • Consistent use of social media has “inevitable” harmful effects, according to a recent comprehensive study. In addition to exacerbating chronic fatigue, constant social media consumption can reduce your psychosocial well-being. Eliminate FOMO by creating new memories with those around you.

  • Families are often spread across the country, if not the globe. This distance limits the number of days you spend with your family each year. The number of days you get you to spend with your family is limited by this distance. Keeping up with your notifications keeps you distracted — live in the moment and maximize quality time by unplugging while at home.


Ways to Avoid Tech During the Holidays


Turn off your devices and find new ways to bond to create lasting memories. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Create a DIY coffee bar to brew holiday favorites like peppermint mochas and spiced lattes in the comfort of your family kitchen. Try new ingredients like cinnamon sticks and whipped cream while sharing a story with your parent or sibling. Everyone can chip in one component of the coffee bar as a meaningful holiday gift.

  • Forgo the slew of posed photos and posts to social media. Instead, write handwritten holiday cards. Do you have young children? Buy some basic craft items and decorate your cards to hang over the mantel. Are there family members who can’t make it into town? Pass around a letter for them, adding a personalized touch from everyone present.

  • Try out something new in the area that you can experience as a group. Did a new escape room open? Is there a karaoke bar downtown? Have you been itching to see an improv show at the local comedy club? Get out of your comfort zone and plan an outing the whole family will remember.

  • Dive into a board game for hours of uninterrupted fun. Enjoy classics like Clue or Monopoly, or try new sensations like Splendor or Pandemic. If you’re feeling stir crazy at home, head to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® near you to spread out and sip holiday favorites like Red Velvet Cocoa or a Winter Dream Tea® Latte.


Technology connects us over vast distances. It allows us to open gifts with grandparents overseas or video chat with our best friend as we count down to the New Year. But remaining glued to our screens throughout the holidays can deprive us of the connections that make this time of year so special. 


As you head into the season, turn off your email notifications and log out of Instagram. Discover how different a moment feels when it’s just you, your family, and a steaming mug of holiday tea. From all of us at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, happy holidays.