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The One Where We Celebrate 25 Years of FRIENDS™ With Specialty Drinks

The Coffee Bean Team

25 years ago, over 22 million people tuned in to meet a lovable gang of Friends, meeting the now legendary characters as they met up at their favorite coffee shop — Central Perk. Now all of us have binged Friends in its entirety on Netflix at least three times (don’t lie!) and regularly hear “I’ll be there for you…” on repeat every time the catchy theme gets lodged in our brains.


We love the iconic series almost as much as Monica loves obsessively cleaning her apartment, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is thrilled to feature six specialty Friends drinks, one for each of the classic characters.


Specialty beverages will be available at all participating locations from July 31 to August 27. 


We’ll be there for you in another exciting way — two of our locations will be transformed into real-life Central Perk coffee shops from August 16 to August 23 so you can bask in the glory of the oversized couch and the enormous, colorful mugs. While you probably won’t spot Gunther, you can bring your own group of friends along to try out each specialty beverage. 

So, which character from Friends are you? And, an equally pressing question — which Friends drink should you order? Keep track of your answers to find out!

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