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10 Gifts for Your Tea-Loving Mom, Dad, or Grad

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10 Gifts for Your Tea-Loving Mom, Dad, or Grad


Celebrate your Mom, Dad, or Grad this season with one of these unique gifts for tea lovers. Whether it’s new teas, tea equipment, or fun lifestyle items created with tea lovers in mind, you'll find several great gift options in our round-up below.


Best Gifts for Tea Lovers


1. A Variety of Teas

Gift your loved one an assortment of different types of teas. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you'll find a fabulous array of delicious, quality teas to suit every taste. Choose from black teas, green teas, herbal teas, decaf teas, flavored teas, and more.


2. Sand Tea Timer

This limited-edition retro tea sand timer is a unique yet useful gift, letting your tea lover know how much time their tea needs to steep based on the type of tea. There's a sand timer for green tea, a second for black and oolong teas, and a third for fruit and herbal infusion beverages.


3. It's a Tea Shirt

Any tea enthusiast will get a kick out of this "It's a Tea Shirt" shirt. We're pretty sure they'll instantly fall in love and that this will become their new go-to tea (shirt).


4. Tea Gift Subscription

Tea lovers can never have enough tea in their stash. And when you gift a tea gift subscription from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you'll be helping to ensure your loved one's tea collection is always well-stocked. Delivered once per month for your choice of three months or six months, this is one gift that keeps on giving! Choose from our black teas, chai, green teas, oolong teas, flavored teas, fruit infusions, and herbal infusions. 


5. Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks

Give the gift of an easy self-care boost with these eye mask tea bags. This specially designed one-piece mask will stay put so your loved one can enjoy some pampering instead of getting annoyed with tea bags that keep falling off. And the best part? You can save the actual tea bags for drinking!


6. Retro White Ceramic Mugs

Our limited-edition ceramic mugs will make drinking tea an even more satisfying ritual. Available in three sizes, the 8-ounce and 10-ounce mugs are ideal for tea (get the 4-ounce one any espresso lover you know). These mugs are not only beautifully crafted, with vibrant interior colors and delightful printed shapes on the outside, but they're a pure joy to drink tea from.


7. Bubble Tea Kit

Does your loved one enjoy drinking oh-so-tasty bubble tea? Then this DIY Bubble Tea Kit will have your sweetie singing your praises every time she can easily brew up a batch of deliciousness without leaving the house.


8. Clover Honey Tea Spoons Set

These charming tea honey spoons will be a lovely addition to your loved one’s tea supplies, and lets them add honey without any mess!


9. Matcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder

One of the best gifts for any Matcha lover is the gift of being able to whip up their favorite Matcha drink any time they have a craving, from the comfort of their home. And that's precisely what our Matcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder is for. Even better, this powder results in one of the best Matcha drinks you can experience, creating a full-bodied green tea with a rich, creamy texture and the perfect amount of sweetness.


10. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Cards


Whether you're short on time or shopping for a picky person, gift cards are a great gift so they can get what they really want. Short on time? Our e-gift cards send instantly so the person can get a gift for themself right away. Or if you prefer to send them something tangible mail them a physical gift card.


No matter which of these ten gifts for tea lovers you decide to give, your special someone is sure to feel your appreciation this spring and summer!

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