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Best Teas for Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth


Best Teas for Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Sure, the cold weather and plentiful sweets of the winter holidays don’t do us any favors, but the sweltering heat of summer brings plenty of sugary temptations of its own. If you want a beach bod you have to avoid the tantalizing glass of lemonade by the pool, the tinkling bells of the ice cream truck, the fresh fruit parfait at the family picnic — calorie-rich treats are everywhere!

Craving something to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer that won’t make you pack on the pounds? Grab a refreshing glass of tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. Any of these fruity, sweet, or floral teas will satisfy your cravings without the calories.


Strawberry Cream Tea


High-quality Japanese and Chinese pan-fired green teas are cream studded with bits of flavorful red strawberries and delicately scented with fruity aromas to create a  tea that’s vibrant and smooth. This light-bodied and well-balanced tea is dairy-free yet sensationally creamy. Consider it a special evening treat when you need to indulge your summer sweet tooth. 


Tropical Passion Tea


Wake up to a sweet twist on China Black Tea featuring the pungent flavor of guava fruit, the seductively sweet-tart fragrance of passion fruit, and the bright yellow petal studs of marigold and malva. Savor this tropical blend as a brewed tea or as a tea latte. 


Orchard Peach Iced Tea


Cool off on a hot day with a rejuvenating refreshment from our signature Iced Tea line. Relish the sweet, succulent flavor of orchard-fresh peaches that perfectly complement the grassy essence of this green tea. Sip a glass after a quick game of pick-up or after swimming some laps. 


Vanilla Ceylon Tea


Our Bogawantalawa Estate Ceylon Black Tea is elevated with the aromatic infusion of sweet, buttery vanilla to create a rich, full-bodied tea. Serve over ice to escape the heat of the sun, or serve in the evening along with your favorite fruits for a low-calorie nighttime snack that won’t leave you feeling regretful (or bloated). 


Pomegranate Blueberry Tea


To craft this delightfully sweet tea we blend our premium Oolong, Lung Ching Dragonwell Green, and Ceylon teas and infuse the result with plentiful pomegranate and blueberry flavoring complete with actual bit of blueberries for an authentically fruity taste. Enjoy this aromatic tea as the sun sets on another day of outdoor adventure. 


Sweet Tea at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Satisfy your sweet tooth while catching up on work or hanging out with friends when you stop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. Order your choice of tea, herbal or fruit infusion poured over ice for a crisp and refreshing beverage.