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How to Make a Tea Latte

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How to Make a Tea Latte at home

Tea lattes and iced tea lattes are guest favorites at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®. There’s nothing quite like the silky smooth combination of freshly brewed tea, frothed milk, and our signature flavor powders to create a sinfully sweet treat that luckily is light on calories. But what if you simply can’t be bothered to change out of those sweatpants and leave the house? We have you covered — with our tea latte recipe, you’ll know how to make a tea latte without needing to pause your current Netflix binge.

What’s a Tea Latte?
A tea latte is the same basic drink as the café latte with an important distinction – the double shot of espresso is substituted for a concentrated shot of tea. The tea latte is a versatile drink, as you can enjoy it hot or cold, filled with sweeteners and flavor powders, or plain, and you can choose between a wide variety of tea types and flavors.

What You’ll Need:
Small saucepan
5 ounces of water
3 tablespoons of milk
Tea bags or loose leaf tea
Tea filter (for loose leaf tea)

Brew Time:
4-6 Minutes

How to Make a Tea Latte

  1. First, add approximately 5 ounces of water and 3 tablespoons of milk to a small saucepan and set your burner to high heat. These amounts are for one tea latte — feel free to adjust based on how many lattes you want to make. You may also tweak the ratio of water to milk in later batches based on your preferences. Simmer the milk and water until warm.
  2. Steep your tea bags or tea filter with loose leaf tea directly in the simmering milk and water. Use the steeping time indicated on the tea packaging, typically between four and six minutes. Let it steep for an extra minute if the tea typically requires boiling water.
  3. Remove the tea and add honey or sweetener if desired.
  4. Use a frother or small whisk to stir well, ensuring you give the tea latte plenty of air to create latte froth.
  5. Serve your tea latte immediately to enjoy hot, or allow it to chill for a few minutes and serve in an ice-filled glass to enjoy cold.

What Kind of Tea is Best for Tea Lattes?

Nearly any kind of tea can be used to make a tea latte. We recommend strong, bold-flavored teas that will retain their complex flavor even when mixed with milk. One of the more popular tea latte options in coffee shops around the country is the chai latte, adapted from Indian masala chai.

Other teas that work great in tea lattes are matcha green tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, or fruity options like Pomegranate Blueberry. Control the amount of caffeine in your tea latte by using a corresponding tea: black teas and green teas are more caffeinated, while red teas and herbal teas are not.

Choose any of the signature tea blends from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® and perfect the art of brewing tea lattes in your own kitchen!