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What Is Matcha?


What Is Matcha?


It only takes a few minutes scrolling through Instagram to come across a vibrant green matcha latte topped with impressive foam art. But matcha is much more than a colorful addition to your Instagram profile — it’s also a high-quality Japanese green tea variety packed with health benefits. Unravel the mystery of matcha and sample our mouthwatering matcha beverages today. 


So, what is Matcha?


Matcha, which translates to “powdered tea” in Japanese, is (you guessed it) green tea that has been finely ground into a powder. With most tea, the leaves are infused in the water for an amount of time and discarded, but matcha is different. Ground matcha tea leaves are whisked directly into hot water to create a frothy beverage. When you drink matcha you are consuming the actual tea leaves.

The way matcha is grown and harvested differs from traditional green tea. Matcha tea plants are grown in shade before being harvested. This allows the leaves to grow with amplified flavor and texture, altering the naturally-occurring levels of antioxidants, caffeine, and sugars. Leaves are hand selected, steamed, and then dried and aged in cold storage to further accentuate the flavor profile. We source our matcha teas directly from growers to guarantee the finest, most distinctive matcha tea leaves. 



Matcha Vs. Matcha Latte: What’s the Difference?


Because matcha green tea leaves are ground directly into a typical drink, the unique matcha taste is strong. It has an umami taste and can be described as spinach- or grass-like. Some connoisseurs love this taste unfiltered, but others prefer drinking matcha combined with gentle sweeteners for a smooth, refreshing drink.


Our Matcha Tea beverages, including matcha lattes, matcha iced lattes, and matcha Ice Blended® drinks, are lightly-sweetened blends of ceremonial grade matcha along with our classic vanilla powder and milk. Enjoy an enhanced, brighter matcha flavor that will deliver the legendary “alert calm” matcha is known for. 


Matcha is more than a green tea trend — it’s a tea-forward, creamy alternative to java that’s here to stay. Stop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in your neighborhood to sip a singular matcha tea drink or purchase a bag of matcha powder for your kitchen — you might just fall in love with your new go-to pick-me-up.