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LOS ANGELES (March 9, 2022) – It’s all about cold brew beverages for warmer weather. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® brand, one of the world’s leading roasters and retailers of specialty coffee and tea, today launched its spring seasonal menu with new and returning beverages that are carefully crafted to usher in the renewed spirit of spring. The iconic coffee shop has added the Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte to its menu lineup of cold brew favorites that include the Midnight Mocha Cold Brew Latte, Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Latte, and the Vietnamese Cold Brew Latte.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® was one of the first to brew and serve cold brew coffee in its stores every day. Cold brew is both a process and a beverage, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® gives equal importance to both, only using beans from the top one percent of specialty-grade Arabica and steeping the coffee grounds for 20 hours to extract maximum flavor.


“Guests love how our Cold Brew Coffee delivers a smooth, invigorating taste,” said Nurit Raich, Senior Director of Product Innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “We are excited to use our Cold Brew to innovate on flavors and invite guests to try the new Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte created for spring.”


The spring menu offerings include:


  • Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte: A toasty caramel flavor gives the Cold Brew Coffee a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overpower the innate flavors of the base of the drink, resulting in a delightfully luscious cup.
  • Midnight Mocha Cold Brew Latte: A blend of time-perfected cold brew and dark chocolate with the right amount of sweetness and a naturally occurring hint of berries. A must-try for mocha fans.
  • Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Latte: Steeped over time to bring out maximum flavor, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cold Brew Coffee is blended with milk and real vanilla bean sauce, resulting in a refreshing and flavorful cup that goes down smoothly.  Those who enjoy milk with their coffee with surely love the Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Latte.
  • Vietnamese Cold Brew Latte: Combines sweetened condensed milk with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s slowly steeped Cold Brew Coffee to create a spin on a wildly popular Vietnamese café staple.
  • Cold Brew Coffee:  The signature Cold Brew Coffee is a premium blend of Bali Blue Moon and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffees with chicory steeped cold for 20 hours for rich, vibrant flavors. 


The Cold Brew Coffee is as flavorful as it is versatile. It works as a good base for milk and is a refreshing and well-rounded beverage that guests can enjoy any way they want.


Guests can also now enjoy their Cold Brew Coffee and lattes with toasted breakfast menu items. Recently, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf installed ovens to provide the option to warm or toast guests’ favorite menu items that can be enjoyed in combination with a refreshing cold brew beverage.


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