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6 Easy Latte Recipes to Make at Home

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Check out these 6 easy latte recipes to make at home. Quick and delicious lattes can be made in a snap at home. 


We get it. You’re in a hurry and you crave a latte but you’re not nearby a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® cafe. Sometimes you just want a sweet and creamy latte at home. Check out these six easy latte recipes. Follow the simple instructions below to make a vanilla latte, a “PSL” Pumpkin Spice Latte, a Chai Latte, a Matcha Green Tea latte, an Iced Latte or a Mocha Latte.


Easy Latte Recipe Steps


1. Brew Your Favorite Coffee or Tea

Brew your espresso, coffee or tea.


Pro Tip: Try our wonderful Espresso Roast Blends. It’s the same espresso coffee we use in our cafes and is the foundation to our legendary silky lattes. We sell the same espresso beans and grinds which are available to purchase for home use.


2. Add Delicious Flavors 

Add 1/3 cup* of our signature flavoring powders from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to your cup of coffee, tea, or espresso.  (*or more or less to suit your flavor preference). Signature flavors powders from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf provide a wonderfully sweet and creamy taste, creating an instant latte. They taste amazing hot, iced or blended. Try French Deluxe™ Vanilla, Special Dutch™ Chocolate, Cookie Butter Powder, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, and two no-sugar-added options. 


3- Mix It Up

If you don’t have a handheld milk frother, it’s a must have for any specialty beverage aficionado. You can quickly mix your coffee or tea with powders and other flavorings right in your cup! We like Bodum’s handheld mixer. 


4- Add Some Froth

Making froth for your latte at home is easier than you think. Wait till you try Bodum’s electric Milk Frother! It makes cold and hot foam and even has a setting for hot cocoa. Just pour in your favorite milk or cream and press a button. Voila! Try adding powders or other flavors to your foam to take your latte game to a whole new level.


  5- Garnish & Enjoy! 

Now for the finishing touch! Keep some of your favorite toppings on hand in your kitchen to complete your home made lattes. Try chocolate or caramel sauce, pumpkin pie spice, caramel candies, whipped cream, or crushed nuts. Get creative! Now go savor your own spin on latte recipes at home.


DIY Latte Recipes

Here are 6 easy recipes for DIY lattes:


Vanilla Latte Recipe

Follow the 5 steps above. Brew your coffee or tea and pour into a cup. Use our customer favorite French Deluxe Vanilla Powder. Enjoy your quick and easy vanilla latte!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good PSL in the Fall? Or year ‘round? Simply add a tablespoon or two of pumpkin puree to your coffee or espresso and use French Deluxe Vanilla for the powder. Follow the steps above. Consider using whipped cream for the topping and sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice. Enjoy that sweet and savory pumpkin latte.

Chai Latte Recipes

Follow the steps above. Brew your Chai (We offer two chai options regular and Rooibos). Then try using different flavored powders. While our Vanilla is very popular for a Vanilla Chai Latte, try making a chocolate chai latte (using our Special Dutch Chocolate Powder) or a Cookie Butter Chai Latte (using our amazingly delicious Cookie Butter Powder). This tastes as good as it sounds! Also, try adding some coffee for a dirty chai latte.


Matcha Latte Recipe

With our Shizuoka Matcha powder, matcha lattes couldn’t be easier. This product includes ceremonial grade matcha tea powder that is pre-sweetened with a delicious vanilla flavor. This is the same product we use in our cafes and is now available in a 22oz canister for home use. Follow steps 3 – 5 for the ultimate DIY matcha latte at home.


Iced Latte Recipe

Complete steps 1-3 above, then simply pour your coffee or tea latte over ice in a cup or tumbler.  For that little extra creamy deliciousness, add some cold foam using the Bodum Electric Milk Frother. Add a straw and enjoy your iced latte at home.


Mocha Latte Recipe

Follow the same steps as the Vanilla Latte, but substitute Special Dutch™ Chocolate Powder. Try using chocolate sauce or garnish with hot froth and chocolate shavings. For reviews and featured products, learn more at Make Lattes at Home


We hope you like these easy latte recipes. Try them at home or work. We’d love to see your unique latte recipe creations. Share with us on social media by tagging @thecoffeebean or use hashtag #brewathome.