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make espresso at home with out without a machine

Make Espresso at Home (with or without an espresso machine)

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Make Espresso at Home (With or Without an Espresso Machine)


Whether you can’t get enough espresso and drink it daily or enjoy it now and then on its own or in a favorite seasonal beverage, learning how to make espresso at home will be a game-changer.


Imagine easily whipping up a cup of caffeinated comfort whenever you have the craving, especially when you don’t feel like leaving the house to head to your favorite local coffee shop. These are the little things that add delight to our days.


Discover the best ways to make espresso at home below. And don’t worry –you canmake espresso without a machine!


How to Brew Espresso at Home


There are various ways to make delicious, coffee shop-style espresso shots at home, both with an espresso machine and without a machine. Below, we’ll walk you through 2 methods, one using an easy-to-use espresso machine and the other using a French press coffee maker.

How to Make Espresso with an Espresso Machine

The CBTL™ Single Serve Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker is a compact, convenient, mess-free single-serve beverage system. In our opinion, this machine is a fantastic way to make espresso at home that has a lovely, handcrafted taste –and in a way that’s quick and consistently reliable.


To make espresso with the CBTL single-serve machine:

Step 1: Insert a single espresso capsule into the machine’s capsule compartment, gently pressing it into place and fully closing the lever.


Step 2: Place a cup or mug under the dispensing spout.


Step 3: Turn the knob to one of the two espresso settings (“short espresso” or “long espresso/tea latte” settings).


Step 4: Press and release the dispensing button (you will hear a beep when you do this).


Step 5: Once your espresso has finished being dispensed, raise the lever to remove the used espresso capsule and close the lever.


Step 6: Enjoy your espresso on its own or use it in your favorite homemade coffee beverage!


How to Make Espresso Without Machine

You can also make quality espresso at home using a French Press Coffee Maker.


Step 1: Using a coffee grinder, grind at least two tablespoons of dark roast coffee (such as an espresso roast) on a fine setting. Note: With this method, to ensure your brew has the richness you desire, you’ll likely need more coffee than you may think.


Step 2: Heat 1 cup of water to just below 200 degrees in a tea kettle. Meanwhile, add the coffee grounds to the French press.


Step 3: Add a splash of hot water to your coffee. This helps release the flavor notes of your beans. Let the grounds soak for about 30 seconds.


Step 4: After the grounds have soaked, pour the rest of the water over the grounds. Close the lid and allow the coffee to steep for about 4 minutes.


Step 5: Press the plunger down halfway using slow, steady pressure. Raise it all the way to the top and then plunge all the way down using the same even pressure.


Step 6: Pour into your favorite espresso cup and enjoy as is, or add it to your specialty, homemade coffee drink!


No matter which method you use to make espresso at home, you’ll love the luxury of being able to make espresso from the comfort of your home on any given day.


And if worse comes to worse, you can visit our stores and have our expertly trained baristas make you the perfect espresso you crave.