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holiday blend gift set with festive mug and hazelnut powder

Holiday Gifting Guide for Coffee Lovers


Holiday Gifting Guide for Coffee Lovers

The holiday season is just around the corner, and while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, the shopping aspect can be stressful. But if you have a friend or relative who’s a coffee addict, you came to the right place. To help ease the hassle, we’ve handpicked several The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® items any java lover would appreciate. 


For the Festive Coffee Drinker


Holiday Blend and Cookie Butter Flavored Coffee


If your friends or relatives love the holidays, treat them to our limited-edition coffee that tastes like a winter wonderland in a cup. Our Holiday Blend is a dark, distinctive brew providing a rich flavor with dark chocolate notes and a hint of spice. For the ultimate indulgence, our Cookie Butter Flavored Coffee delivers creamy brown sugar cookie notes with a spicy finish of cinnamon ginger. 


For the Sweet Tooth


Red Velvet Powder 


We get it. Black coffee is an acquired taste. If your loved ones happen to garnish their cup of joe with sweetener, our holiday powders can do just the trick. Our popular Red Velvet Powder has a creamy, sweet flavor reminiscent of a red velvet cupcake and is great with steamed milk. Browse our assortment of signature powders and pick the perfect flavor for the sweet tooth in your life. If you're near a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store, our 8oz giftable powder tins are the perfect stocking stuffer! Available in Peppermint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and our classic French Deluxe Vanilla flavors. 


For the Enigma


Make Your Own Gift Set


If you just don’t know what to give the coffee drinker in your life, pair a Holiday Blend Coffee with a cute festive mug and our popular Hazelnut Powder.

For the On-the-Go Types


Festive Drinkware


Whether it’s chilled cold brew or a piping hot brew, there are many options for festive drinkware. These tumblers are made with high-quality, double-wall stainless steel and vacuum insulation, ensuring your drinks stay cold or hot. Plus, you can choose from a variety of stylish holiday designs that are sure to turn heads and lift spirits. Find these tumblers at your nearby location


For the 90's Kid


Friend Central Perk Mugs Are Back


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends – one of the most iconic TV shows of all time – we released limited edition Central Perk mugs with iconic Friends quotes. Whether you side with Rachel or Ross, it doesn’t matter. We can all agree these adorable (and large) mugs are the perfect companions to your morning binge sessions. Available in a Black "We Were On A Coffee Break" mug and White"How You Brewin'" mug. 


For the Purist


Bodum® Chambord® French Press – 8 Cup


There’s more than one way to brew a delicious cup of joe, but many purists swear by the French Press as the best method for delivering rich, bold coffee. The Bodum Chambord® is an excellent entry point into the world of French presses. It only takes about four minutes to brew the perfect cup, so even the on-the-go coffee drinker can carve out time to make a tasty brew. The French Press also doesn’t use filters or create waste, making it an ideal gift for eco-conscious coffee drinkers.


For the Specialty Beverage Lover


Bistro Barista Bodum Electric Frother


If you know someone who fancies specialty coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, this electric milk frother makes an excellent gift to unleash their inner barista. This piece of equipment heats up milk and adds air to it, creating a delicious, thick foam to put on top of any coffee drink. Additionally, a frother can be used to heat up milk. Along with this electric frother, we also offer a battery-operated, handheld frother.


For the Single-Serve Enthusiasts


CBTL Single Serve Coffee, Tea and Espresso Maker


It seems like more and more people are choosing single-cup coffee machines in lieu of the traditional drip coffee makers. For one, you don’t waste as much coffee, especially if you tend to brew a whole pot and end not drinking all of it. Plus, single-cup coffee machines are incredibly easy to use. With the press of a button, you can have a freshly brewed cup of coffee or creamy, crema rich espresso in a matter of seconds. That’s why we created our own CBTL Single Serve coffee maker, so java lovers everywhere can enjoy our premium coffee, espresso, and tea instantly. Be sure to shop our huge selection of capsules and K-Cups®.