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2021 coffee trends

Coffee Trends to Watch in 2021

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5 Coffee Trends to Watch in 2021


The coffee industry is constantly changing, with new trends showing up every year. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite coffee trends of 2021 so far. We predict these trends will continue to be popular throughout the year - and beyond!


1. Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee subscriptions have been around a while but have only risen in popularity over the past year, with more people working from home and college students taking classes remotely. They enable coffee lovers all over to re-create their favorite beverage from the comfort of their home, with freshly roasted beans delivered right to their door before their previous supply is used up.


When you take advantage of our subscription service, you’ll never need to worry about running out of your favorite coffees, teas, and flavoring powders. You can choose the delivery frequency that works best for you: every week, every other week, every month, every two months, or every three months. We also make it easy for you to change your quantities, items, and delivery frequency, as well as skip orders and cancel your subscription.

And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a coffee or tea lover in your life, a gift subscription is an ideal choice that’s convenient for both of you!

2. Plant-Based Milk

If you frequently visit your local coffee shop, you’ve likely noticed you can choose from various milk alternatives for coffee drinks. Gone are the days of just being able to choose from whole milk, 2% milk, or skim milk.


Plant-based, non-dairy milk has risen in popularity in coffee shops all over. Some of the non-dairy alternatives being offered include:  

  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Oat milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Macadamia nut milk

Check out the variety of non-dairy beverage options you’ll find at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®! Non-dairy alternatives not only provide deliciously unique flavors but have also become essential for those who are lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet — and don’t want to have to drink their coffee black.

3. Matcha Lattes

Matcha tea lattes have become an in-demand coffee substitute, which is why you’ll see this pretty green beverage on more and more coffee shop menus. Many people choose to get their caffeine fix with this beverage for the health benefits matcha tea may provide, including boosting brain function and promoting heart health. Not to mention, they’re delicious!


Our Matcha lattes are made with ceremonial grade Shizuoka green tea powder (which is sourced from an area in Japan with an ideal climate for growing Japanese green tea), vanilla powder, and milk and still have caffeine, but the amount is less than coffee. They’re available hot, iced or blended, so there’s truly something to suit any preference!


4. Sustainably Grown Coffee Beans


Consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, and interest in the origin of coffee beans continues to grow — from how they’re grown (including if sustainable growing practices are used) to who is growing them. You’ll now see varying terms describing origin (e.g., “single-origin”) and growing methods (e.g., shade-grown) on many packages of coffee beans. 


Read about our Caring Cup Program to find out about our company’s doing good philosophy, part of which is our commitment to supporting our growers in various ways, including teaching sustainable business practices. 


5. Coffee Delivery


Coffee delivery is an incredibly convenient way for consumers to get their caffeine fix and refuel during a busy workday. It can also save the day in the event you run out of coffee at home (although we sincerely hope this never happens to you!).


Look for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® delivery services near you through DoordashPostmates, & UberEats. And stay tuned for our delivery options via Grubhub - coming soon! 


Sign up for our rewards app today and learn more about getting direct delivery from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.


For another ordering option, if you’re near one of our stores but don’t have time to come in to order, you can place a mobile order - your order will be waiting for you to pick up when you arrive. Now that’s convenient!